6th April 2021

Outbound calls not completing

The carrier has informed us that the incident has been cleared. All outbound calling has been restored.

RFO From Carrier: 00873048 Inbound and Hosted Service Impact Incident Report for Vitelity Postmortem Reason For Outage

Date: 04/09/21 Market: N/A Prepared by: Nathan Kitzman Equipment Trouble Source: Voice service IQNT Trouble Ticket: 00873048

Date and Time Outage Began: 04/06/21 0951 CT Date and Time Outage Ended: 04/06/21 1035 CT

Description of Outage: Vitelity experienced an event on 04/06/21 from 0951 CT – 1035 CT. During this time, Vitelity customers may have experienced inbound and outbound call/SMS failures.

Reason For Outage: A network card in the core environment had failed @ 0951 AM CT. Engineers were quickly engaged and routed traffic around that appliance to resolve the event @ 1035 AM CT.

Recommendations for preventing a reoccurrence: These links were successfully migrated to new architecture during normal maintenance windows on 04/07 and 04/08.