13th April 2017

Communications Carriers SIP termination issues

Update - 17:25 EST - Our Carrier's technicians have completed this maintenance. We are seeing calls processing normally at this time. Services were restored after the system processes reloaded. If you have any further issues please open a new ticket.

16:15 EST - Our Carrier's engineers have located the problem and are scheduling an emergency service effecting outage at 17:00 EST. The maintenance is expected to only take 1/2 hour but they are reserving a 3 hour window to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise. We will update this incident again as soon as we receive confirmation from the carrier that the termination issues are resolved.

One of our Michigan based carriers is currently experiencing VOIP termination issues. Technicians are investigating the scope of this issue and will update this incident as soon as more information is obtained.