3rd April 2017

Communications Carriers Outbound Termination Issues

Update - 4/3 - 6:30 PM - Our carrier's engineers identified an issue with outbound calling and made some changes to mitigate the issue. They are monitoring the situation at this time.

4/3 - 2:50 PM - We are working on a temporary fix for this matter until the carrier has resolved the outbound termination issue. Most systems have the ability to force outbound calls through an alternate carrier. Please try the following: 8 + full 10 digit# this will send the call out using a different carrier. We are working to add this feature to any systems that may not have this feature active at the moment.

Example 86169748200 would call VanBelkum using a different carrier

We are currently investigating an outage with one of our outbound carriers. We are working with the carrier to determine the extent of the outage. We will provide an update when more information is available.