8th March 2017

Grand Rapids #1 Service affecting outage


Due to extreme weather conditions on March 8th, several carriers experienced service interruptions that affected both voice and data circuits. One of our Grand Rapids data centers experienced a service interruption on both its northern and southern paths to connect to the fiber ring across Michigan. This caused connection disruptions between data centers as well as the outside world. At approximately 9:50am EST the northern path was affected. Shortly thereafter the southern path was also affected. Technicians were able to restore the northern path at approximately 12:25pm EST. The southern path circuit has been restored as of early morning on March 9th. Services in the Grand Rapids area are restored at this time.

All operations seem to be functional at this time. We are still awaiting any update from the data center. As soon as any new information is available, we will update this incident.

We are waiting on full confirmation of what is causing the outage. There seems to be an issue with the connection to the fiber ring from the data center. There are 2 links that are down currently. All equipment at the data center is operation but there is no current link to the outside world.

Because of lack of connectivity to the fiber ring we are not able to move any services to any other data center.

The engineers are working on the issue currently and as soon as any new information is available we will update this incident.

We are currently investigating an issue with one of our Grand Rapids Data Centers. We will update this incident as soon as any new information is available.