2nd September 2016

Communications Carriers Carrier Issues reported

Update: RFO: At approximately 10:30 AM MDT this morning our upstream carrier experienced a network level event that caused our network to go down and required emergency intervention. Our Engineers identified the issue and have taken the appropriate actions to correct the issue and to avoid further service interruption. We are monitoring our systems and everything is currently functional. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

The issues seem to be resolved. We are still watching to make sure there are no ongoing issues. We are waiting on a RFO.

There were confirmed network connectivity issues with one of our upstream carriers. Some customers were using this upstream carrier for inbound and outbound services. They are resolving this issue currently. We are waiting on a RFO.

The reported issues seem to be affecting inbound non-Michigan numbers and some outbound termination issues have been reported. We are currently investigating this issue.